Ep 027: The secrets to becoming a Technical Marketer! (Elad Levy)

Elad Levy, Head of growth at Fixel, shares his journey from marketing Junior to the Technical Marketing expert.

Learn about the challenges of transitioning from being a “tactical” marketer to adopting a wider strategic marketing perspective, how to find marketing opportunities as a small marketing team and why you should refer to yourself as a small company and not a startup

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Ep. 025: Growing A company within a company (With Danielle Sharabi from ‘Gett Delivery’ )

Danielle Sharabi, Head of Gett Delivery’s growth, shares insights and tactics she in her 5 person team used to grow Delivery withn Gett.

She talks about the pros and cons of building a ‘startup’ within a company, why brand matters from day one (and what it even means) and how thinking differently and being scrappy can help young companies to win the game better than huge media budgets.

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Ep. 023: Strategy vs. Tactics! with Yan Yanko.

Yan (Yanko) Kotliarski , VP digital at Atreo and one of the most well-known Performance marketers in Israel talks marketing strategies and B2B tech startups.

Learn why most B2B tech startup fail at telling their story, how most marketers make the mistake of putting tactics ahead of strategy and how to do a proper buyer’s persona.

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Ep. 022: Building products for developers & lessons from Google, Slack & Twitch

Amir Shevat managed the Startup Ecosystem Development for Google, was the director of developer’s relations for Slack and is now in charge of building products and tools to enrich the developer’s experience for Twitch.

Learn how developers can leverage Twitch and why it is the future of broadcasted sports and interactive viewing experience. Get processes, project management, and building better products for your users strategies from Amazon, Slack and Google

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