Marketing insights from the top B2C VC in Israel

In this episode, we speak with Danny cohen, general partner at viola Ventures who’s
investment interests include Consumer Internet, e-Commerce and Digital Media.
He serves on the board of Lucky Fish, Playbuzz, Puls, Splacer, Maapilim, Deep, Lightricks, and Origami Logic. He was also on the board of Tapingo (acquired by Grubhub for $150M).

We talk about the difference between investing b2c VS B2B, what he looks for in team, why unit economics is key and why product-oriented marketers are the future of marketing.

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S2E1: How Brian Dean improved Backlinko’s organic traffic by 80% (using one SEO tactic)

If you’ve searched for “top SEO experts to follow” you’ve seen Brian Dean’s name for sure.

He is responsible for coining terms such as “The Content Roadshow technique”, “The Skyscraper technique” and more.

And on the first episode of our second season, The man behind Backlinko has joined us to talk about his latest case study on how he grew his organic traffic by 80% (roughly 1 million visitors a year).

In this episode you’ll learn Brians’ full case study process, why you should mix SEO and social optimized content in your calendar, how to get buy-in from your ex-team for your next SEO experimentד and more.

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EP. 34: How Storytelling can get you Clients, Funding & Fame! (With Donna Griffit)

In this episode, Donna shares why a good story is a bigger asset to your company than you imagine and how it can literally change your entire company’s path.

Think about a situation where every investor is actually rooting for your company because you caught their attention or every person you have a small talk with becomes an advocate for your company.
Yup, a good story can do that!

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