EP. 34: How Storytelling can get you Clients, Funding & Fame! (With Donna Griffit)

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Donna Griffit is by far one of the best storytellers experts in the tech industry. period. full stop.

From turning executives’ Linkedin’s profile upside down to building pitch decks that get companies funded and compelling the stories that made some of the world’s most well-known companies skyrocket (and one spaceship) – she’s done it all.

If you think I’m hyping our guest – you can just visit her website and break your finger while scrolling to what seems like an infinite scroll of testimonials.

In this episode, Donna shares why a good story is a bigger asset to your company than you imagine and how it can literally change your entire company’s path.

Think about a situation where every investor is actually rooting for your company because you caught their attention or every person you have a small talk with becomes an advocate for your company.
Yup, a good story can do that!

Plunge into this week’s episode to learn how to craft your company’s story and get more attention.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • What does storytelling mean for a startup
  • Why having a good story early on will change your company’s path
  • How to tell if your story is good or not
  • The rules for creating a winning & compelling story
  • What are the ancient story archetypes will all love
  • How to think about your story for B2B and B2C companies
  • How Donna used value-giving to get her brand out there
  • Lessons from working with major global tech brands
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