Ep. 33 Do you have what it takes to be a CMO? (With Efrat Fenigson)

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Efrat Fenigson had quite a journey before assuming the CMO role at futuristic drone company Airobotics. 

From being a programmer at a leading gaming company (Hi there Spongebob game!) in Australia through a series of impressive marketing roles to co-founding her latest initiative G-CMO, Efrat’s story is a combination of self development and amazing marketing insights. 

In this episodes Efrat shares some amazing insights on how to setup your startup marketing – from strategy to tactics, how to think like a CMO (and why most startup marketers don’t) and the importance of building a personal brand.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How to start marketing in a niche market
  • The importance of really knowing your target audience
  • Why online surveys aren’t good enough when it comes to building personas
  • The process for branding and positioning your startup as an industry leader
  • How to think strategy before tactics
  • What are the key differences between someone who’s a good marketer and a good CMO
  • The future of CMO’s
  • What you need to become a great CMO
  • Building a personal brand
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