Ep. 32: How Alex Katz turned Pornhub into a Cultural Phenomena!

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In this episode we have the co-founder of the creative agency Officer & Gentleman Alex Katz, talking about their creative process and working with one of their most unique clients – PornHub.

While Pornhub has become the standard name when it comes to talking about “porn sites”, their marketing is much more than that.

The work Alex and his team has done with the site has turned watching porn from being a secret people are embrassed about to a brand Kanye West reps for.

So how did Pornhub went from being “another porn aggregator” to a cultural phenomena?

Listen to this episode to find out!

What you’ll learn:

  • How to seize opportunities to find your next clients
  • How to market with “earned media’ in mind
  • Choosing the creative process based on end goals.
  • How to understand trends to improve your marketing
  • Going from Taboo to mainstream
  • How Alex Katz made Pornhub a legitimate brand
  • How to work with data to build your marketing

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