Ep. 31: How Zappos created a company structure where innovation Thrives

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Josh Levine works at Zappos.com at Brand Marketing and is responsible for helping market Zappos’ culture externally and help small startups and companies to grow their culture organically by uncovering what they are passionate about and their core values.

In this episode, Josh shares main lessons and insights from how Zappos operates and fosters a culture of innovation and experiments. He also shares the core values and tactics that help the company become really user-centric at scale.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Why Zappos think of themselves as a “service company that just happens to sell shoes.”
  • How does Zappos empower their employees to come up with new ideas (and own them)
  • How to keep accountability when working with a “holacracy
  • How to get your customers to feel like they are a part of something bigger
  • How to create a company that truly is “customer first”-centric
  • Why experiment fostering company is the key to growth
  • What’s Zappos secret on-boarding process?
  • The influencers formal vs. informal dress code
  • Zappos’ unique strategy to share information with employees
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