Ep. 030: How Commun.it hacked their way into 700,000 active users!

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between super growth hacks and helping brands and governments fight fake news, Commun.it a bootstrap company has managed to grow to 700k users strong.

In this episode, Ran and Netanel, 2 of the company co-founders join us to talk about building a bootstrap company, fake news and how they use processes, automation, and providing value to grow their company.

In this episode you’ll learn

  • How fake news work on Twitter
  • How Commun.it use Quora to generate leads using influencers
  • How to turn “non-convertors” into advocates
  • How Commun.it use viral loops to harness user engagement to grow their audience
  • How to get more testimonials and reviews using value
  • How to stay sharp and prioritize
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