Ep. 026: Super Bowl 2019 Commercials Breakdown

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Did you watch the Super Bowl? Of course you did. You wanted to see all those ads didn’t you?

In this episode , Roy & Jonathan (AKA “we”) go through the Super Bowl ads that made an impact on us – good (You did good Pampers!) and bad (yes, we’re looking at you  TurboFax creepy ad!).

So what were the best commercials (and why) and who creeped us out? And who did we think just shows plain out disrespect to the legacy?

Yup, we talk about it all in the week’ episode. 

Also! We were honoured to have Rise’s star and Super male model Blake Korman with us! 

Here are some of the ads we’ve mentioned

We hope you enjoyed this episode!

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A big thank you to Elad Levy for joining me this week. Until next time!

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