Ep 027: The secrets to becoming a Technical Marketer! (Elad Levy)

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Elad Levy, now CMO of Fixel, has gone a long way to from being a marketing Junior to the Technical Marketing expert he is today. 

In this episode Elad talks about his work in Fixel and gaining technical knowledge as a marketer. 

He also talks about the transition from being a “tactical” marketer to adopting a wider strategic marketing perspective, how to find marketing opportunities as a small marketing team and why you should refer to yourself as a small company and not a startup. 

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Why calling yourself a startup is great for investors, bad for marketing
  •  What are the two technical skills every marketer needs to hone 
  • How to prioritize marketing efforts to spot the best opportunity
  • How Fixel hacked a conference to build super targeted offers 
  • Why you should start with things you can automate and scale first.
  • Is there a place where “hacking” doesn’t fit and you should focus on structure instead?
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