Ep. 028: Using data to getting your A-ha Moment (With Otniel Ben Amara, Co-founder of Dojo BI).

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Making data drive decisions can be the difference between having your product completly fail and wining over the competition.

In this episode Otniel Ben Amara,  a data geek. co-CEO of Dojo BI, a 360° data studio for growing startups, stops by to talk to us about working with data to improve your product.

Otniel is an engineer with a deep understanding of product and growth . After working at Housparty as VP Data, and as Engineer in Residence @ Aleph VC, He founded Dojo BI and now helps startups data-drive their growth by synergising their data strategy, engineering, and analytics endeavours.

We talk about anything ranging from when should you hire your first data analysts and how to scale your team to how to query your data and finding your A-ha moment to reach product market fit.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • The basics on how to think and approach your data
  • When should you hire your first data analyst
  • What’s the formula to the company size-data analysts ratio.
  • How to turn data into growth insights 
  • Why your onboarding the most crucial moment for your product
  • How ‘Houseparty’ found their A-ah moment 
  • How to define your A-ha moment based on data