Ep. 025: Growing A company within a company (With Danielle Sharabi from ‘Gett Delivery’ )

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Danielle Sharabi took over Gett Delivery’s growth pretty early on in the product’s lifetime. In the past few years, she dedicated her efforts to educate the private sector on using more ‘same day’ deliveries and finding the right product-market fit for the service.

In this episode, Danielle shares stories and tactics she in her 5 people team used to grow Gett Delivery. She talks about the pros and cons of building a ‘startup’ within a company, why brand matters from day one (and what it even means) and how thinking differently and being scrappy can help young companies to win the game better than huge media budgets.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • The pros and cons of building a startup within a company
  • How a team of “superheroes” think
  • Why small teams with the right DNA move faster
  • Why you need to become a “problem solver” and not a “problem dweller.”
  • The importance of cross-company collaborations
  • How to bring you A-ah moment into conferences and events.

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