Ep. 022: Building products for developers & lessons from Google, Slack & Twitch

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Amir Shevat has done some impressive things in his career. If you’re a startup founder or working for a startup, you might’ve encountered his efforts before, knowingly or not.

From driving the Startup Ecosystem Development for Google, to
being the director of developer’s relations for Slack (if you’re using any Slack integration – this is the man you should thank) to his current role, where he is in charge of building products and tools to enrich the developer’s experience for Twitch.

In this episode, Amir blows our mind explaining why Twitch is the future of broadcasted sports and interactive viewing experience, what marketers need to know about it and how to work with Twitch influencers and more.

Amir also shares insights from what he learned from working at Google, Slack, and Twitch (Amazon). He talks about process, project management, and building better products for your users.

What you’ll learn:

  • What exactly is Twitch
  • The “Win win win” model
  • Why “Alignment” is essential (and what it means for your company)
  • The magic of single-threaded ownership
  • How Amazon reverse-plan its products
  • What’s the press release method for building better products.

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A big thank you to Elad Levy for joining me this week. Until next time!

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