Ep. 021: The process Monday.com uses to manage product growth (With Michal Lupo)

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Michal Lupo is the Growth Product Manager of Monday.com ’s, a visual project management platform that helps you to Plan, organize and track projects in one collaborative visual space.

In this episode, Michal stops by to talk about the company’s growth processes, how they choose their focus KPI, ideate with them and run the experimentations cycle to help grow their product’s retention and adoption rate.

You’ll get insights into how a fast growing company like Monday.com treats their growth, how its teams operate and what the day to day of the process looks like.

What you’ll learn:

  • The structure of Monday.com’s growth teams
  • How the company handles their growth meetings
  • How does a testing cycle look like
  • The method used to ideate, prioritize and run tests
  • How does Monday.com chooses and define its KPI’s
  • How Monday.com uses the ICE method.
  • How to stay focused on test fasts versus testing a lot of different things slow.

Our amazing guest:

Michal Lupu has seven years of experience as a product manager and is currently the growth product manager on monday.com. She’s the one in charge of making sure the team is focused on the biggest opportunities, run the most significant tests and run fast.

Prior monday.com she was a product manager at ironSource and lead her startup called SKEEPER, a productivity app for skipping the hassle of long lines.

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