Ep. 023: Strategy vs. Tactics! with Yan Yanko.

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Yan (Yanko) Kotliarski is the VP digital at Atreo and one of the most well-known Performance marketers in Israel.

Over the past decade, Yan has worked with some (if not all?!) of the biggest brands in Israel, gives talks about Facebook ads and marketing campaign.

In this episode, Yan talks about how working in Atreo has brought his understanding of the importance of strategy to a whole new level, why the original message most B2B tech startups can limit their growth and how you should start thinking about your marketing.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Why your tech-oriented marketing message doesn’t work (even when marketing to other tech people).
  • How to dig into your data to build a useful buyer’s persona.
  • Why Strategy should come before tactics – even when you’re eager to start.
  • Are TV & Radio obsolete?
  • Why branding campaigns for startups are more important than you think

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