Episode 020: How to market to developers! (lessons from Coralogix)

In this episode, Ariel Assaraf, co-founder and CPO of Coralogix stops by to share his insights on how to market to developers. 

If your product is directed towards developers or CTO’s this episode is a must have. Ariel debunks that developers are an audience that is “allergic” to marketing and talks about understanding what your user really cares about. 

He also shares insightful lessons on how to think different about your marketing (including your marketing stack and team structure), how to get your first big clients at an early stage and what do customer really buy from your when they sign that contract.

As a marketer, this episode is full of golden nuggets. 

Listen to the episode here:

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What you’ll learn:

How to gain the trust of big clients as an early stage company

  •  How to really understand your audience 
  •  Why only developers can market to developers
  •  What marketing channels work surprisingly well for them.
  •  How to change in startup culture changed the developer role in a company for goo

Our amazing guest:

Ariel Assaraf is the co-founder and CPO at Coralogix, previously a group leader at Verint and PM at the intelligence unit 8200. Loves to contribute to good causes.

About Coralogix

By integrating log insights into the software delivery process, Coralogix streamlines the development lifecycle and empowers each one of the departments in the R&D organization (Dev, DevOps, SecOps).

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