Ep. 002: Is Brand Narrative as addictive as cocaine?

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In this episode, we discuss what does “narrative is the new branding” even means(?).

We also talk about – how would you increase sales of a well established urban branded beer at the new locations across the country?

And somewhere there at the end – we get real with some damn dark predictions about the future of VR and Social Media. 

Narrative is the new Branding
What are brands/companies get wrong when they think about their branding?  More important, how by treating the process wrong they actually miss on their biggest marketing opportunities. 

Here’s a hint – and has everything to do with relationship building and winning over your customers in a way they’ll never want to look at your competitors ever again.

Sir, can I have a beer? 

You’ve spent 6 years building your beer brand and you’re winning over a main location. But darn! You now have to weak other markets. Jonathan and Roy pitch in to give Roy’s client some tips on how to penetrate that new market. 

The future is dark

How will the combination of VR and Instagram Stories will take over our lives in the next 5-7 years? We have the answers. And they’re not all that colourful and fun. Roy actually has some depressing thoughts about that. And in general, he wore black when recording the episode. So he’ll all in on that!


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