Ep. 012: How F#%@ Up Nights went from an idea to sold out events!

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In today’s episode, Leora Golomb, founder of Fuckup Nights Israel, stops by to talk about how to grow a community around an event (hint: it’s in the Why and Values), how she grow an event from 0 to hundreds of monthly attendees (budget free) and how to get A-list speakers to come to your events.


What you’ll learn:

  •  How Leora took Fuckup Nights from 0 to hundreds of attendees and sold out events on a monthly basis.
  •  Why every event is in a different venue and location.
  • How she got the first speakers to come to the event.
  • How she keeps enrolling A-list speakers (we’re talking olympic medalist, celebrities, politicians) to speak at her events for free.
  • How to create your event marketing strategy
  • and so much more.

Who’s our amazing guest? 

Leora Golomb is a strategic partnership and community manager, as well as one of the most known and distinguished voices in the community management and development scene in Israel. 

After a long dispatch in Australia, Leora returned to Israel and established the social and volunteering departments in one of Israels’ biggest social impact VC’s, transitioned to the tech world where she helped developed Wix’s international communities and was in charge of content and course curators at Jolt.

In 2015, she founded the Israeli branch for Fuckup Nights as a result of a private failure she experienced. The Fuckup Nights events have been running successfully (growing monthly) in Isreal for 3 years now, with monthly events in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, and Haifa. 

All without any funding or big budgets. 

 These days Leora is a strategic consultant for community marketing, developing product-based communities and a speaker about success and failure and work-searching workshops. 

Fun facts:

  • She can’t even look at cottage cheese if it’s been open for more than a day.
  • Her first ‘real job’ was in QA. It look her 10 months to understand she needs to work with people, not computer.
  • She wrote the guide on how to produce events in the startup ecosystem.
  • She runs a workshop on focusing and job hunting beyond the position titles.
  • Her Twitter account is dedicated to show reviews. (@leoralin)
  • She’s the founder of a secret FB group called “the upgradary”. 
  • She’s been to EVERY morning show in Israel for the past 2 years.

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