Ep. 017: How to get users to do what you want using “Choice Architecture”

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In this episode, the Roy Bendor Cohen, founder of Q – Behavioral Thinking, drops by to talk about the way people make decisions, and how understanding that process – can help us marketers and product people to drive user behavior to here we want it to go.

We cover areas like how use “loss aversion” to increase sales, about how to use “framing” to talk about your product, features and pricing and how to instead of persuading people to think different, making sure your product and goals are designed in a way that it aligns with your and your user’s goals

What you’ll learn:

  • What is the choice architecture?
  • What is a “nudge” and how to use it for marketing
  • How to use the “decoy” option to increase sales
  • What is the “framing” effect
  • How to leverage cognitive biases
  • Why your product “default” means more then you know
  • (A small correction: every time we mention the term ‘Mental Accounting’, we actually mean ‘Relative Thinking’ – these are related but not the same thing…)

Our amazing guest:

Roy Bendor Cohen is the Founder of Q – Behavioral Thinking.

He is also a Senior Innovation Facilitator at SIT- Systematic Inventive Thinking, a Cognitive Psychologist from Tel Aviv University, and a person who is very curious about thinking and thinking about thinking.

Roy founded Q to help organizations extract unique behavioral insights and translate them into concrete recommendations. He does so by integrating research methods and knowledge from Behavioral Sciences, frameworks and processes from Design Thinking, and tools and principles from Systematic Inventive Thinking.

Although he is officially the CEO of Q, he prefers the title “Problem Questioner”, since he truly believes that asking the right questions is the most important factor for solving complex problems.

Fun Facts:

  • He lived in Madrid for five years,
  • Volunteered in the ‘Escuelita’ where he helped in translations for Latin immigrants.
  • He admires flamenco and classical guitar
  • He is a big fan of Improv Theater,
  • Roy is fluent in three languages and can get around in two

Honorable mentions:

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