Episode 004: The Talk – The Birds the Bees & the Leads.

In this episode, we have a special guest – Ilana Fass!

We also discuss how Social media is influencing your kids in ways you didn’t even think of and is Facebook marketing dead? Or maybe you just suck as a marketer.

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In this episode we talk about:

  • Don’t blame the platform blame the marketer.
  • Which platform will Jonathan’s son less appreciate, Gmail or Facebook?
  • How do raise your kid to be a digital creator. (not just a follower)
  • The ‘birds and bees’ talk is out, ‘Son, the internet is fake’ talk is in.
  • Is it worth it creating a community on Facebook?
  • How will Facebook advertising stay effective with this whole fake news fiasco
  • Why Roy is more obsessed with building a mailing list than building his social media

Huge thank you to Ilana Fass , the AVP of Open Innovation Company, Barclays in Israel for being brave enough to be our first ever guest on the show!

Also, Thank you Rise for hosting us in your beautiful podcast room!

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