Episode 003: How to steal Creative like a Boss! 

In this episode, all of Jonathan’s clients are obsessed with Lemonade & Dollar Shave Club!

No, not really (well actually yeah, really) – but we really discuss what it actually means when a company wants to steal a creative and what they’re missing out by trying to do a shortcut.

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Kudos to Rise for to partnering with us to deliver the incredible sound quality to the people wanna listen to what we have to say.

In this episode, you’ll also find:

  • How finding your gist on Instagram can actually turn into a career (and how easy it is to impress Jonathan with desserts and shoes)
  • Why you should copy processes and not creatives
  • How to reverse engineer a creative
  • You don’t have a creative issue, you have a leadership issue.
  • What your company and an onion have in common

We mention:

Shenkar School of Design 
Desserted In Paris (Instagram 
Dollar Shave Club
Lemonade (website)
Lemonade Sets a New World Record

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