Ep. 015: How to work with a creative & get the best results.

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In this episode Roy Interviews Jonathan on what is the best way to work with a creative!

Most of the time when people hire creatives, they waste their money and time. Why? Because people don’t know how to work with creatives.

They either confuse someone with a creative outlet as being a creative (designer, marketing person) or simply get the processes wrong.

On this episode, Jonathan sets it all clear and talks about how to get the most out of your creative person. You basically get the behind the scenes look to the process Jonathan used to create crushing campaign for companies like Moovit, Facebook, Wix and more.

What you’ll learn in this episode.

  • How to interview and hire a creative
  • What’s a “creative”
  • How to run efficient brainstorming meetings.
  • Why rules and boundaries are the key elements of the creative process
  • The difference between being creative and being A creative.
  • How to stay fresh
  • What makes a good creative idea
  • How to test your ideas early on

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A big thank you to Elad Levy for joining me this week. Until next time!

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