Episode 10: How to never run out of content ideas (like ever!!!)

In this episode we talk about the movie industry and how social media is shaping the shows and movies we watch. We also talk about how to never run out of relevant blog post ideas for your B2B startup blog! 

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More on this episode:

  • How traditional TV is failing behind because of bad rating indicators
  • The story of how “Crazy Rich Asian” got done thanks to social media
  • How to come up with endless post ideas for your B2B blogs?
  • How to expand your niche content to make sure you answer your target audience’s needs
  • How to use Google search to get better idea of your user intent when creating content
  • How to leverage Wikipedia to create new content
  • Creative ideation VS. Research ideation
  • Why you should talk to your sales and customer support teams more often


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