Episode 009: Steve Job’s marketing rules broken & Nike wins the jackpot

In this episode we talk about Nike’s Avengers infinity War moment and why Apple’s event was truly a marketing disaster (no, not because ‘Apple is losing it’).

We also share insights on what you can learn from both of these gigantic brands and we go back to Steve Job’s key presentation tricks and how you can use them to build a better website. 

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More on this episode:

  •  Did Nike went really safe with its new ads?
  • Why Instagram is the key to Nike’s brilliant campaign.
  • How lack of storytelling killed the Apple Watch launch
  • How to talk about numbers in your marketing materials 
  • Are you focused on features? 
  • If you need to explain why something is amazing, know it’s not. 
  • What’s the ideal pitch length .
  • How to use Apple’s keynote to build your website


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