Ep. 029: How to scale up Facebook Ads with Azriel from Ratz Pack Media

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Managing Facebook ads at a scale is a whole different art than managing small budgeted campaigns. 

Azriel’s Facebook Advertising agency has worked with over 100 client worldwide, including SaaS startups, ecommerce, brands and what not.

In this time, his agency has dealt with anything from zero to none- budgeted campaigns to large scale well over the 100K monthly budgets. 

In this episode, Azriel shares his workflow to optimizing funnels and shares tips on scaling up your Facebook campaigns (with strategies for both B2C & B2B)

What you’ll learn: 

  •  Why Facebook’s new CBO is  good for newbies and bad for experts.
  • How to leverage CBO to optimize your campaigns (and why you should start now)
  • Arzriel’s workflow with new clients 
  • What’s the on thing you have to do before scaling your campaigns. 
  • How to scale your campaign if you’re a B2C (or e-commerce).
  • How to scale your campaign if you’re a B2B startup 
  • Tweaking creatives vs. tweaking budgets. 
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