Ep. 022: Building products for developers & lessons from Google, Slack & Twitch

Amir Shevat managed the Startup Ecosystem Development for Google, was the director of developer’s relations for Slack and is now in charge of building products and tools to enrich the developer’s experience for Twitch.

Learn how developers can leverage Twitch and why it is the future of broadcasted sports and interactive viewing experience. Get processes, project management, and building better products for your users strategies from Amazon, Slack and Google

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Ep. 021: The process Monday.com uses to manage product growth (With Michal Lupo)

Michal Lupo, Growth Product Manager of Monday.com ’s, The visual project management platform that’ raised over $80 Million, shares the inside details of the company’s growth processes.

Learn how the company chooses their focus KPI, ideate and run the experimentations cycle to help grow their product’s retention and adoption rate.

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Ep. 019: Key Insights we’ve learned from our podcast guests so far

What did we learn from interviewing companies such as Elementor, YOTPO, FuckUp nights, Poptin, Hypr, Momento and our other amazing guests?

In this episode, we discuss the key insights and lessons we’ve learned from our guests so far. We talk about building communities, re-thinking process, product perfection and feature marketing – and so much more.

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