Ep. 020: How to market to developers! (lessons from Coralogix)

Ariel Assaraf, Co-Founder and CPO of Coralogix stops by to share his insights on how to market to developers.

In this episode he debunks the myth that developers are an audience that is “allergic” to marketing, how to get your first big clients as an early stage product and what do customer really buy from your when they sign that contract.

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Ep. 019: Key Insights we’ve learned from our podcast guests so far

What did we learn from interviewing companies such as Elementor, YOTPO, FuckUp nights, Poptin, Hypr, Momento and our other amazing guests?

In this episode, we discuss the key insights and lessons we’ve learned from our guests so far. We talk about building communities, re-thinking process, product perfection and feature marketing – and so much more.

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